Roof Restoration

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Roof restoration encompasses the renovation of a roof to improve its look and durability. Before restoring a roof, you should assess its structural integrity to determine the right approach for its renovation.
As an essential part of your house, a roof contributes a lot to your home’s beauty and longevity, however, its prolonged exposure to adverse weather conditions is what will speed up the deteriorating of the roof.
Unlike roof replacement, a restoration is a more cost-effective solution to improving your home, and it can help you save on costs. Before you renovate your roof, it is advisable to seek guidance from a competent contractor.

At Hawkesbury Roof Restoration, our technicians are conversant with a roof inspection, and they can guide you on the right approach to repairing your roof.

Here are the steps we follow while restoring your roof.

  • Roof inspection

Our roof specialists investigate roof surfaces for moistures and broken tiles and ensure that repairs are done.

  • Measurement

After roof inspection, we measure the areas that need repair. The measurement helps us make reasonable estimates about the cost and quantity of materials to use in the repair process.

  • Pressure cleaning

Our cleaners ensure that the roof surface is thoroughly cleaned to pave the way for restoration. For example, we apply a rust neutralizer to corroded shingles before we repair them. Moreover, we check the condition of fasteners and fix the loose ones.

  • Re-pointing and re-bedding the ridge and gables

After cleaning the roof, our specialists re-point the ridge and gables, and if the mortar is worn-out, they re-bed the ridge.

  • Repairing the leaks

Before the renovation, our roof technicians check whether there are cracked shingles and repair them.

  • The application of primer

Note that roof surfaces are different, and they require the application of various primers. Our contractors understand the difference in roofing, and they always apply the right primer to enhance the fast bonding between paint and the roof.

  • Masking/hand painting

Where claddings are exposed, we mask or hand-paint them to avoid causing overspray.

  • Roof polishing

Roof painting is an essential step in the restoration process. For larger projects, we apply the coatings through airless spray guns, but for small jobs, we use long-handled paint rollers.
If you are looking for someone to paint your roof, contact Hawkesbury Roof Restoration for customized roof restoration services.