Tile Repair and Ridge Cap Re-pointing

***Please note, we only offer this service for clients undergoing a roof restoration. We do not do small tile repair jobs/ leak repairs etc.***

Here are the steps we take during the roof repair before carrying out a roof restoration.

  • Identifying repair signs

Proper inspection of the roof symptoms will allow you to determine the right repair approach to adopt. Our specialists check whether there are leaks or visible cracks in the tiles and then decide appropriate actions.

  • Identifying the damaged roofing¬†

If the signs justify the need for repairs, we go-ahead to identify the damaged tiles and plan to replace them.

  • Determining the scale of the damage

If the damage entails small holes or cracks, we fill them with cement.

  • Replacing the damaged or missing tiles

Where there is a broken tile, we will remove and dispose. If the underlayment is damaged, we repair and seal it before replacing it with a new tile and use a protective adhesive to adhere the tile to the roof.

  • Repoint and or re-bed ridge capping

After replacing the damaged tiles, our technicians identify the cause of the damage and put in place measures to avoid its you having future problems.

A leaking roof affects the quality of life and paralyzes the normal operations of your activities. Cracked or damaged tiles are the leading causes of a leaky roof. At Hawkesbury Roof Restoration, our roof specialists  will examine everything, repair and replace any tiles and then will thoroughly clean the roof.