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Roof restorations

Starting from $2500

    Dulux Accredited Roof Painters - 15 year warranty

    We offer the A-Z of roof restoration, including exterior painting and driveway renovation

    Dulux Accredited

    12 Year Warranty

    Free Roof Inspection

    Welcome To Hawkesbury Roof Restoration

    We have been providing high quality roof restoration work for our customers all over the Hawkesbury, Penrith and Blue Mountains regions NSW for over 30 years and take pride in the work we do! We pride ourselves in being NSW’s #1 roof restoration company!

    Our company offer the A-Z of roof and home renovation, from roof cleaning, painting, repair and repoint to resealing, as well as driveway restoration and sealing, and exterior walls painting! Employing a team of over 15 contractors who have the skills and experience to bring your home back to life. All our roofers are licensed and insured to work in the Hawkesbury and NSW region.​ We work with terracotta, cement tiled or colorbond roofs to help bring them back to their original state.

    We also offer driveway restoration and also exterior wall painting for your home!

    We have experience in working in areas such as Penrith, Vineyard, Richmond, Grose Vale, Winsdor Downs, Bligh Park, Bowen Mountain, Blue Mountains, Katoomba, Springwood, Glenbrook, Blaxland, Hazelbrook, Leura, Wentworth Falls, Faulconbridge, Richmond and everywhere else in between.

    • Fully insured and qualified staff working on every job
    • We WILL show up when we say when are going to show up.
    • All pricing honest, upfront and competitive
    • We have over 30 years experience in the roofing industry 
    • Dulux Accredited Roof Painter
    • All roof restoration work comes with 10 year warranty (Dulux Paint)
    • Workmanship warranty of 5 years
    • Satisfaction with every job. If you are not happy, we’ll not leave until the job is done to what was quoted!
    1. Repair or replace any broken tiles.
    2. Full cleaning of the roof, using either low or high pressure washer depending on the type of roof, which removes all contaminants from the surface, including moss, dirt, and flushing of gutters and downpipes. For terracotta roof types, slate tiled or Colourbond roofs, we will use low pressure washers to avoid the risk of damaging tiles and causing leaks in your home
    3. Re-pointing or rebedding of ridge caps. This is a vital element of the process which a lot of contractors will often miss.
    4. Repair flashing around the roof if needed
    5.  All roof tiles are resealed to ensure protection against moisture and other elements
    6. Two or sometimes three coats of high quality paint. We also can provide Terracotta roof painting for our clients!
    7. Full clean of worksite and bringing your home back to a presentable and fresh new look!

    Check out our Services page for more info!

    ​I booked Hawkesbury Roof Restoration to paint our cement tiled home and they were just fantastic. The team are very professional with great service from start to finish. And was all booked and completed within a week of me reaching out!”
    Leslie K. Windsor Downs

    Hawkesbury Roof Restoration are great to deal with. The team are just fantastic, very professional, stick to what they quoted and got the job done withi 2 days. Our newly renovated cement tiled roof looks awesome! Cheers guys
    Lisa M. Bligh Park

    The team is a delight to work with. We had a quote and full roof inspection within 48 hours of me enquiring, and they had me booked in the following week for a full colorbond roof restoration. We just love the new blue colour, and it all comes with warranty so we are very happy!
    ​Sarah T. Windsor Downs

    ​”We are just in love with our newly painted terracotta roof. It was badly damaged in a storm, and had a lot of bio growth that needed properly cleaned and the team at Hawkesbury Roof Restoration did a great job and offered 12 years warranty!! Thank you so much”
    Sarah T. Grose Vale NSW
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    Roof Restoration

    Roof restoration entails repairing a roof to improve its condition and extend its lifespan. A roof is usually restored when it is still structurally sound or has some years remaining in its life cycle.

    A roof is an essential component of your home, and therefore, its proper maintenance can enhance your house’s curb appeal and longevity. However, a roof is always exposed to adverse weather elements which we are prone to here in Australia, and this can cause deterioration over time.

    Unlike roof replacement, a restoration is cost-effective, and you can use it to boost the beauty and value of your home. Before you restore your roof, it is advisable to consult a professional roofing service for guidance.
    At Hawkesbury Roof Restoration, our specialists are committed to restoring your roof to ensure you are fully satisfied and home.
    Here are the steps we follow during the roof restoration process

    • Roof inspection

    We check the roof surface for moisture content or broken tiles and ensure that all repairs are done.

    • Measurement

    At Hawkesbury Roof Restoration, we ensure that whatever we do is accurately measured. We assess the areas that need renovation, take their measurements, and plan the job from there.

    • High or low pressure cleaning

    Roof restoration cannot be done on a dirt surface. We always clean the roof surface before repairing it. For instance, we apply rust neutralizers to corroded shingles before we renovate them. Also, we use a pressure washing machine to remove debris and worn-out coating from the roof surface.

    • Repairing the leaks

    Before renovating the roof, our roof inspectors check whether there are cracked tiles or shingles and then repair them. Also, we examine the status of fasteners and tighten the loose ones.

    • Re-pointing and re-bedding the ridge and gables

    After roof cleaning, we re-point all ridge and gabbles, and if the mortar has deteriorated, we re-bed the ridge.

    • The application of primer

    We understand the difference in roof surfaces, and we ensure that we apply the correct primer to enhance the strong bonding between paint and the roof.

    • Masking or hand painting

    If your home has exposed cladding, we mask or hand paints it to avoid causing overspray.

    • Roof Painting

    Painting is the final process in roof renovation. By using an airless spray gun, we apply the two coatings to result in excellent finishing.

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    Roof & Gutter Cleaning

    Roof cleaning can be challenging and dangerous when you lack experience and the right equipment, so we always recommend using a professional contractor for the job!

    Our roof cleaners have relevant skills and experiences, and they can handle any task. We always inspect the nature of dirt in your roof and then determine the right cleaning option. For instance, where the dirt is mild, we apply low-pressure cleaning.

    Also, if the roof has developed some salt, mildew, or moss, we apply high-pressure washing to eradicate the dirt. Our specialists are adept at using pressure washing machines to remove loose paint, mold, or algae from the roof.

    Here are the reasons why you can count of us to do a quality job on your roof!

    • Over 20 Years Experience

     Our roofers have relevant skills and vast experiences, and they can deliver excellent results within your timelines. Unlike other roofers, we always inspect the roof’s condition before determining the right method of cleaning it.

    • Correct Equipment

    At Hawkesbury Roof Restoration, we pride ourselves on the right roof cleaning equipment. No matter the complexity of a task, we guarantee to make your roof cleaner within your budgets. To make your roof shine, we use stuff, such as spray nozzle, pressure washer, water pump, and ladder.

    • Licensed and insured contractors

    All our employees are licensed and insured to work in NSW. This implies that if our specialist is injured or causes an accident while cleaning a roof, the insurance company will compensate for the damage.

    ​”​I can’t thank the team at Hawkesbury Roof Restoration enough! They did a fantastic job painting our terracotta roof a beautiful blue colour and now our home looks fantastic. They also helped restore the walls of our home and the driveway all at a great price!”
    Thanks again
    Jesse K. Springwood
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    Tile Repair & Replacement

    Roof tiles are prone to cracking, and in case you encounter a damaged tile, seek help from a professional roofing contractor.  For tile repair or replacement consult Hawkesbury Roof Restoration for high-quality services.
    We identify repair signs to determine the right approach to use, checking whether there are leaks or visible cracks in the tiles and recommend appropriate actions.

    For damaged tiles, we use a crowbar to remove and dispose of them.  Moreover, if the underlayment is damaged, we repair it before installing a new tile. We use tile adhesive to adhere the tile to the roof.

    ** Please note, we only do a tile repair when customers are receiving a full roof restoration. We do not do call outs for leaking roofs needing repair**

    Hawkesbury Roof Restoration did a great job renovating our colourbond roof as it was in a bad way after a few storms and years of degredation. These roof painters are top quality, would recommend to anyone!
    Jesse P. Blue Mountains

    We use both Dulux Paint for all of our roof restorations!

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    Roof Painting

    Roof painting or roof spraying is one of the best approaches to enhancing the value of your home. Note that not all roofers can paint a roof to your expectations. At Hawkesbury Roof Restoration, our specialists are adept at painting all types of roofs to withstand the Aussie weather elements.

    Our technicians understand that different roofs need various paints. For instance, some paints are suitable for metal roofs, while others are appropriate for shingles. Therefore, we ensure that we select a high-quality paint that lasts longer.

    Metal roofing is durable and long-lasting; hence the reason why many homeowners prefer it over other materials. However, a house made of metal roofing is likely to stretch and contract due to thermal expansion. During contraction or expansion, the paint on a metal roof cracks over time. Our roofers can paint the metal roof to make it look like new.
    Note that the tradition paints brittle, mainly when used on many metal roofs, and due to that, we only use paints that are specifically manufactured for metal roofing. For example, always use a water-based acrylic paint that is elastomeric because it doesn’t peel, and is easy to clean.


    ***For all roof renovation jobs for customers across NSW, we can offer a special for this month only – free installation of air vents/ whirly birds on your roof when you buy a full restoration for cement tiled roofs (priced at $500 per air vent).***

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    Roof resealing entails applying a chemical coating to a roof to protect it against water and UV light damage. A resealed roof reflects heat and light, hence improving your home’s energy efficiency.

    More importantly, through resealing, you can remedy minor problems and prevent significant issues like leaks and holes. Before you reseal your roof, it is advisable to allow a professional contractor to assess it and determine the right approach to.
    At Hawkesbury Roof Restoration, we are conversant with different resealing options, and we can deliver high-quality services to you.

    “We booked Hawkesbury Roof Restoration had been damaged and was very worn out, and the team did a great job. Would highly recommend to friends 100%… Had it all done in 2 days at a very competitive price.”
    Thanks again!” Scott P. Katoomba NSW

    Roof Restoration FAQ

    What is the Cost of a Roof Restoration $$$?

    Roof restoration, as mentioned above, can be a much most cost effective way of getting your roof back to brand new, than having to replace the whole thing! To quote a roof restoration, there are a few variables that must be considered

    • Condition of the roof
    • Type of roof
    • Size of roof

    Below is a rough guide of pricing for roof restoration jobs

    • $250 to $500 for a full pressure wash of the roof
    • $200 to $500 for tile repair and replace
    • $50 to $50 per square metre for metal roof repair
    • $60 to $70 per square metre for tile roof repairs
    • $2,000-3,000 for a full roof restoration of an average sized home
    • Full restoration of a tiled roof can cost anywhere from $4500 to $12,000 

    Will a Roof Restoration Increase the value of my home?

    YES. A newly painted and washed roof will absolutely bring the value of your home up as well as adding to the lifespan of your roof.

    How Long Does a Roof Restoration Take?

    Most roof renovations will take 2-3 days.

    How long does a Roof Restoration Last?

    The answer is dependant on the type. of roof you are dealing with and the existing age it is before it’s restored.
    In general roof life spans will be as follows:

    • Terracotta – up to 75 years. This type of roof will outlive most other roofing types, however will still need restored every 10-20 years on average
    • Cement roof tiles – 50 years life span
    • Colorbond roofs – 25-50 years

    A professional roof restoration can extend the lifespan of most roof types. As with most things in life, regular maintenance is required to improve the longevity of it.
    With extreme weather and exposure to the elements, over time you may come across issues like broken tiles, damaged ridge capping, rusted valleys, chipped paint, damaged gutters, excessive moss and lichen.

    Do I need a Roof Restoration or Roof Replacement?

    A roof replacement will be a lot more out of pocket than a restoration due to things like higher labour intensive and materials. However speak to one of our specialists and we will be able to examine your roof condition and advise the most effective solution! For more info on the difference between a roof replacement and roof restoration, click here.

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    So if you are in the Hawkesbury NSW region and looking for a roof or home renovation, then give us a call! We cover all areas from Penrith, Richmond, Grose Vale, Winsdor Downs, Bligh Park, Bowen Mountain, Blue Mountains, Katoomba, Katoomba, Springwood, Glenbrook, Blaxland, Hazelbrook, Leura, Wentworth Falls, Faulconbridge and everywhere else in between!
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    All work carried out by licensed roofers

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