Roof Painting

Although roof painting is an essential approach to improving your home, not all contractors can paint a roof to your expectation. At Hawkesbury Roof Restoration, our painters are adept at selecting and using paints that don’t crack during adverse weather.

Roofs are different, and they need various paints. For instance, some paints are ideal for metal roofs, while others are appropriate for shingles. Our painters are aware of your diverse needs, and they use high-quality coatings that exceed your expectations.

We partner with Dulux Paint so you can be sure you are getting quality.

Although metal roofing is durable, it is likely to stretch and contract due to thermal expansion. During contraction/expansion, the paints on the roof cracks. At Hawkesbury Roof Restoration, we use paints specifically manufactured for metal roofing to make your home more valuable. For instance, we always use water-based acrylic paint that doesn’t peel and is easy to clean.

Here are the primary reasons why you should paint your roof.

  • To enhance the value of your home

In case you intend to sell your home, painting the roof can boost its chance of disposal.

  • Cost-effective

Unlike roof replacement, painting is an economical approach to improving your home.

  • Protection against adverse weather elements

Adverse weather elements, such as extreme heat and storms, can deteriorate the roof. Painting is one of the best ways of protecting your roof from adverse weather conditions.

  • Energy efficient

During summer, a painted roof reflects away heat and light, making your home cool. The reflection of heat means that you will use less energy on air conditioning, hence reducing energy costs.

  • Long-lasting

A painted roof enhances the value of your home and extends its lifespan.
If you are looking for someone to paint your roof, contact us; we are available throughout the time.